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Lots of homes ‘underwater’ on mortgages in U.S.

First American CoreLogic, a data supplier, says that in the July-September period, 18% of all properties with a mortgage were underwater—that is, worth less than the outstanding debt.
The company’s data includes over 80% of all mortgages.
Here are some points from the press release:
• Over 7.5 million mortgages or 18% of all properties with a [...]

Home prices see another record plunge

Yahoo housing prices dropped again! I understand if you purchased to much home or you’re in over your head it might suck for you. However, you can’t feel to bad because the stupid Fed and this retarded bail-out plan are going to help you with a soft landing anyway. Hopefully you’ll learn [...]

Foreign investors love U.S. real estate

Many Americans are anxious about the real estate market. But foreign investors see U.S. apartments, hotels, shopping centers, warehouses and offices as good investments, according to a new survey.
The weak dollar has made the American real estate market look attractive to foreign bargain hunters.
The U.S. rose to the top of lists of the “most stable [...]

Interesting Realestate Website Designs

Real Estate Designs to check out.


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Real Estate Graphical Pricing Heat Maps

A website you should definalty check out is Neighberoo.  Here’s a few fascinating series of Real Estate related maps (Click The Graphics For a Full View – *Sidenote Popup Blockers will try and block the image, just click allow to see the full graphic) :
Collateral Risk

Home Prices

Foreclosure Activity

Note that these are a product of integrating Google Maps [...]

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