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No, It’s Not a Joke – You Can Have a Checking Account at Redneck Bank

I grew up in the country. Anything related to country life I get such a kick out of. Just thinking of how the neighborhood dads used to drive their lawn mowers to visit each other makes me chuckle. Ah, I loved the community where I grew up :)

Anyways, I better get back on track. I find myself wanting to stroll down memory lane.

I received a tip about the Redneck Bank – where bankin’s funner. According to everything I have read, it is a real bank and it is FDIC insured. But they do things a little differently as evidenced by their name and their website (the horse says different things if you move your mouse around). They also are offering a pretty decent APR on their checking accounts – 5.25% up to $25,000.

In these days of savings account interest rates plummeting (one of mine went from 4% to 1%), that rate is very nice. There is a long thread going at fatwallet.com for some user feedback. It’s funny, a few people there are signing up for the account mostly for the interest rate and to get the checkcard with the horse and “where bankin’s funner” on it.

There are conditions for the account like a certain number of times a month that you have to use the checkcard. I’m going to keep my eye on it, though. I haven’t been happy with one of my banks lately so perhaps it’s time to “buck yer old bank” like the horse suggests :P

Thanks Beverly for the tip!

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