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Changing my Blog Focus… Giving vs Getting

I have been thinking about this for at least two weeks now and finally figured I’m going to jump on it.!  All the blogs I’ve found on personal finance so far are all about getting, making and acquiring more money. 

See the problem is I’m a twenty year old nearly $20 thousand dollars in debt.  With my birthday on April 20.  I’ll be turning 21.  So my idea is to try and spread the word about my blog as huge as possible so that I may receive the guidance and support I need.  This is definitelygoing to be a group effort and if you don’t believe I can get myself out of debt and then go on to build my  networth to the point where I can actually give $1,000,000 million dollars away.  I would like to say don’t bother posting, however I’ll actually encourage you to post you uplifting spirit.  I’ll be able to use your comments and postings when I finally reach my goal before I turn 22.

Check-List Of Giving   

  1. Of course before I can start I’ve gotta pay off my chunk of society.  This is going to go along with the new profession I’ve chosen to participate in.  I’m going to work on being a Real Estate agent.  (Once again being able to help people)  Teach people how to get into a house without all the complicated trappings.
  2. My parents house and/or complete debt package.  Which who knows I think it could be around $300k that includes mortgage and credit cards.  Heck that would set me at nearly half way through my goal alone :-P
  3. Once thats complete I’m going to move onto my grandma’s house.  Help he not only pay off her $30k remaining mortgage thats left, but also purchase her house from her and allow her to live there rent and mantanence free.  Investing her equity in a dividend income trust allow her house to liturally pay for itself along with probably any bills she may have.
  4. Next task on this list will be my brothers student loans…!  Wow glad I didn’t go to K.U or another University!!!  They are way WAY over priced.  My bros got at least $70k probably $80 in evil Sally May student loans.

Like all the great seminar speakers and goal setting gurus say your suppose to write down your goals.  Hopefully typing when you’re a major computer geek will work the same as writting.  Since my fingers can dance along the keyboard as if I were speaking.  Ok, so here they are my top 4 major definit goals that will be completed before April 19, 2008 11:59pm (1 minute before my 22nd birthday).

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3 Responses to “Changing my Blog Focus… Giving vs Getting”

  1. Hey buddy, I’ll tip my glass of Green Goodness to that! You know I’ve always been there for you every step of the way, and there is no way that I’m backing down from such a challenge. You know I’ve got my churches youth group site to do, but once that is complete I plan on getting to work on a flash banner/intro for your blog here.

    So to help you with your goal I dedicate my services as a writer, and a webmaster to help you reach your goals. I will be doing track backs to my better, and inspirational stories on here (give a little break from the world of finance) also continually helping you troubleshoot problems with posts, and other code based problems that I might have more experience with.

    I wish you the greatest of luck my dear friend, and cousin! Hopefully others will join you in this battle.

  2. Awesome thank yeah much cuz for my first positive post on the subject. Like you stated hopefully the blog world and personal finance junkies out there can give me a hand. Looks like a little over half my readers dropped thanks to this post. :-P

    Hey gives me a good base to start with though :-D MoneyVsDebt has offically been around for over a month now and keeping its slow and steady pace. If I’m going to reach that goal I guess it has to pick up trumendiously.

    So heres to an EXTRODINARY COMING YEAR ;-)

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